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1 OCTOber 2014


1. We got the game cabinet up and running! Right now we’re running it off of a laptop running an up-to-date ubuntu, but we’ll be looking to replace that very soon with a dedicated desktop with JVM (Java Virtual Machine) so we can closely collaborate with the introductory programming classes to use the game cabinet for games that students have created. Once the desktop is installed, we hope to place this in a public area such as Lopata Gallery.

2. The 3D printer is now alive, calibrated, and ready to print. Alex will be working on modeling and printing a mount for a couple cooling fans to improve the print quality, and we’ll be holding a 3D printing workshop soon that will familiarize everyone with the software that we use to convert 3D models to code the printer can understand, the software that controls the printer itself, general tips on use and maintenance, the difference between PLA and ABS plastic, and everything else you always wanted to know about 3D printing but were afraid to ask.

3. We have added 5:30pm on Fridays as a second meeting time so that the super inconvenient Wednesday evening time doesn’t stop people from coming to hang out and make really cool things. The space will be open and active during both days of the week now!



Recap of the Third Meeting

Some cool new developments:

1. The CNC machine is up and running! Here’s a picture showing some of us holding a board in place for cutting. We’re going to figure out how to mod the table so we can clamp to-be-cut pieces to it.


2. Began to finalize budgeting for next semester’s projects. If you have anything you’d like to order or projects you’d like to work on, let us know so we can itemize a budget list to send out.

3. Upcoming competitions, again! IEEE Programming Competition! October 18! Must register by the 4th! Talk to us if seriously interested.


Until next time

17 September 2014

Recap of the Second Meeting

Some cool new developments:

1. We have more new faces, which is awesome!

2. We have started on three projects, the Gameboy ROM, the Xbox Linux computer, and repairing the CNC mill. If the Gameboy ROM sounds interesting, contact Alex Bolinsky, and if you want to help with the Xbox Linux computer, download this guide and read a little bit about it!

3. Upcoming competitions! There is an IEEE programming competition coming up middle of October! If you’re interested, you have to be a registered IEEE member, which means visiting the IEEE website, making an account, and paying a small fee (which is annual, and reduced if you are a student). Becoming an official IEEE member comes with a number of perks. If you’re interested, talk to one of us.


See you next Wednesday at 5:30pm in Bryan 115!

10 September 2014

Recap of the First Meeting

Thank you to those who attended the first meeting! It was really great to see so much enthusiasm and interest, and it was a pleasure to meet all of you.

A recap of the meeting:

1. We’ve got students from several different engineering backgrounds including EE, Systems, Computer Science, Mechanical, and I believe Biomedical.

2. As a student group, we will be supportive of virtually any idea that you want to pursue, so if you have an idea, regardless of how much you know about what is required to bring it to life, run it by the other members and us. Some of these projects are going to involve specific skills or concepts that may be new to us, and that is totally OK. We are all about learning as we go. We bring as much from the classroom as we can, and we teach ourselves the rest. That said, if you want to tackle a particularly ambitious project, finding other members who are equally interested and want to contribute will be important.

3. There are several projects that have attracted significant interest, which we will try and organize more next meeting:

  • Xbox Linux Computer
  • Gameboy Advance ROM
  • Projection Keyboard
  • Autonomous GoKart/Segway
  • Keyboard-Mouse
  • Tracking Camera
  • Oculus Rift

4. Upcoming competitions (compsci, robotics, circuit design, paper writing, black box) have also attracted attention, so we will be providing some more information about those in our next meeting.


That’s about it. We’ll see you at our next meeting this Wednesday at 5:30pm in Bryan 115!

4 September 2014

First Meeting of the Year!

Join us in the space (Bryan 115) on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 at 5:30pm for our first meeting of the year! This meeting will be laying the groundwork for how IEEE will move forward throughout this semester and the coming years. We will be opening the floor for a brainstorming of potential projects that people want to work on, in addition to a discussion of upcoming IEEE competitions in robotics, programming, and circuit design, and a chance to get acquainted with other members.

Get excited! We’re going to do great things this semester.

We’ll see you there!

17 August 2014

Cleaning and Organizing

The website is done! We’re currently cleaning up the shop space and organizing EVERYTHING. We have a lot of LEDs.

Here’s what the place looks like before cleaning:


And after:


3 August 2014

We’re Back

We are in the process of updating the website, but still feel free to sign up and contact us with any questions or interest!